Serendipity seems, in my experience, to occur when you are on a path which aligns with your purpose, with your passion. Since I started Branch & Beak back in 2011, serendipitous signs to stay on this path have dotted the journey. Near the start of this year, a really bright, neon, flashing sign swung from some branches above me; forcing me to look up and ahead. For almost 6 months I have been experiencing such love and support not just from my closest friends and family, but from acquaintances and strangers alike. Nodding to me in a knowing way, entrusting me with their well-being and graciously holding me accountable for all that I am determined to do. I can be a bit shy at first, about most things, but when you step into my sphere you will know great loyalty, love, and support, both from me and from the plants I use. That is Branch & Beak. That is magickal herbalism. That is well-deep truth.

I wasn't sure how to properly post this, how to approach what depth my gratitude went to. I need to be able to share this type of "review" with y'all, not just to let you know; "hey look! people buy my creations and they adore them!" --BUT-- to also convey how others have used them and been impacted by using them. These may be tools in constant transition on the surface, but believe my heart, I have worked long and carefully on the items I offer. Yes, "branding is everything", the look will come in time, but I'm focused on the quality and integrity of what I'm creating FIRST and FOREMOST. Magick is real, and it is in you.

So, for a couple of days I have been trying to figure out how to express this intense feeling of gratitude and love without being too much or too little. Huge side note: I suppose that's been my struggle as an adult: bending, retreating, and hiding myself and my feelings so that others are not scared off, annoyed, or offended. Hopelessly alienating myself ahead of time so that I don't get rejected. Instead of just letting the cards fall where they will, I've been trying to maintain control of where the cards are even played. Letting in very few and holding others at arm's length, and ultimately, what game is it that we all play? A game for unconditional love, acceptance, and maybe even understanding, right? Well--Emily understands. We are perfect strangers, but for her realness, her openness to connection and community, her willingness to feel deeply and without censoring her truth, I am extremely grateful. I have been changed and emboldened by customers before and it doesn't look to be a fleeting thing. I'll be honest, I have been brought to tears a number of times by customers who have reached out to tell me about their positive experiences using Branch & Beak products. So, after getting a bit misty eyed reading her post and watching her video, I asked Emily if I might share what she had experienced, and she enthusiastically encouraged me to share away! I gather not everyone is going to have profound experiences, or revelations, or obstacles removed while working magick, let alone Branch & Beak tools, but I'm doing all I can on my end to create genuine tools for your process, so remember, there's leg work on your end as well. Know that you are supported and loved, know that anytime you choose to support your well-being and nourish your spirit, that you are doing the work and results will follow. 

You can view the video HERE where she speaks of her experience using the Citrine essence anointing oil. 

While I'm here, I'll mention that if you feel the pull at all to make a purchase from me, please be pulled. I'll be adding some products to the website so you can shop directly but for now please visit the Etsy shop ! Or take a look at my events page to see where I will be locally! Come meet me! Let's get down to brass tacks and talk, let's adventure down the path together. Branch & Beak is personal and public all at once, it is transparency while still maintaining mystery, because curiosity is animal instinct, we love to discover things. We love to wonder. Never hesitate to get lost, you may end up finding yourself! (cheese plate just put on the table)

Thank you. To Emily and all my customers. Thank you for being who you are, when you are, where you are. I suppose I was overdue for a big blobby cheese post. 

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