For folks who want to find unique and thoughtful gifts for family, funds might seem more thinly spread this time of year, we feel pressures even when we actively resist, to participate in the chaos of the season. It doesn't have to continue!

Actively practicing choosing quality over cheap/quantity is difficult for some people, the latter might seem like your only choice sometimes, but you've got to think ahead; thoughtful gifts that support small and local business is really what will give you that holiday spirit of giving and appreciating the holiday traditions. AND! It helps grow the community of entrepreneurs (and fellow witches). Creating unity and a sense of hope.

I know that I try to purchase from my small local businesses first and from there spread out my budget to small businesses that I can access online. The rest of my gifts end up being handmade by me, like baked goods or weavings, soaps, candles, etc.

Right now in the Etsy storefront, a sale is going on and lasts through Dec 1!  10% off your entire order of $20+ (no code needed) and FREE domestic shipping on orders $30+ ! (code: FREESHIP30)

Please HALP support not even small, but TINY business this season, for instance, you'd be helping me to buy a new ink cartridge for my printer! Which is how I print my labels currently. <3