Hello! What a year it has been so far!

As a good majority of you know by now (since I won't shut up about it), I landed quite blissfully upon one of the larger milestones in a human life; I bought my first home! With my partner of course, and we worked pretty hard and for many years to get where we are. Since June, when we closed on the property, I have been roosting and settling in. Branch & Beak online has been on hold, as my focus has shifted slightly and temporarily. Though now, it is time for me set serious goals, to be present with this business more than ever before, because I want it to be my livelihood. I have such a broad variety of interests that I believe I can tie together under Branch & Beak and offer to you all. I know I have more to contribute, my hustle hasn't matched my inspiration. That's on me. I've been preoccupied to be honest, but I've also been scared. Being scared isn't a good excuse anymore. Life is just too incredibly short for lethargy and paralysis due to fear, I'm here to express and give love, to express and give depth of meaning. I'm here to be the metaphorical rock for you all to lean on; I believe it....but like a lot of community contributors, I'm not made of steel, and I've got my own shit. So there must be inner strength-training all throughout. In order to be that rock, one must be strong in spirit, soul, and mind. One must be strong physically. I have wavered off and on behind the scenes, but I'm prepared now to make more of my dreams and to execute my thoughts into action. 

As I mentioned in the April blog post, simplifying is key in many ways regarding business building. It took me awhile to get that, but I'm realizing it's silly to think I can keep up with too many products. There are some offerings that will be discontinued once they are sold out, but fear not, if you are absolutely attached I am willing to discuss special orders. Otherwise, I'll just be changing things as I go, no more closing up shop and struggling with how to transition products in and out. Re-branding of sorts will occur over time, it's more about me figuring out how I want the products to look, the labels, the designs, all that. As I've mentioned in the past, I need this business to be accessible financially, both/and most importantly for you as the consumer, and me as the proprietor. If I had my way, I'd just send out herbal medicine and magickal tools all day long for trade and for free. 

So there is that! Keeping it to the point, and hopefully sweetly received by any of you lovely folk still hanging in the rafters keeping an eye on me. I've got to say, the people coming into my life via this endeavor is such a gift. With so much awful, heart crushing stuff happening in the world, when good people come your way, it's truly worth expressing gratitude. 

Thank you!