The Solstice came and went, as it does, and the sun shone like a squashed lemon in the sky. I had a really successful and humbling Solstice weekend. thanks to all the amazing customers, fellow vendors, my wonderful mother, and the Mutton & Mead organizers. It truly was a blessed Litha! 

Branch & Beak is really finding a foot-hold and moving forward with the help of the beautiful and kind people who support it. After almost 3 years, I feel like I've barely just started, there is so much in store for the future of this little business! I have such a plenty of ideas for future products.

I'm filled with gratitude for the incredible niche that I have found and thrive in. While the logistics will likely throw me for a loop to no end, I will just move and grow with whatever I have to do to keep doing what I do! do do do dooooooo

Thank you again, to everyone who has helped, supported, guided, and contributed to Branch & Beak's small beating heart.