Fall is my favorite time of year, it has the best in between weather and the best smells and tastes! The vibrancy of color! The veil is also thinnest this time of year, this gives my bones the searing desire to communicate with the other realm.

Every fall I turn into my power and I spend time gathering energy and light for the dark winter months.

So it's been awhile, but believe me, things have not been quiet for Branch & Beak. As the business grows and as I get a handle on how to run it, I get more and more inspired about the kinds of things I can offer. I've got to admit and it's pretty obvious; that I'm not acing the social media end of having a business. Just one lady over here! Maybe some of you prefer the infrequent bothering? 

I recently moved and it was a monumental move in more ways than just dealing with moving physical items from one place to another. It was an emotional wave-pool. We actually didn't move too far from the place we had been, it's a couple miles, but in all truth; it is WORLDS away. That's a good thing, too, because I was feeling incredibly and increasingly oppressed by the environment. At any rate, we're moved and we're happy to  have that over with, but it's still a transition! My herbs, oils, potions, ingredients and lovey-so-forths are all in boxes still. We didn't want to bring furniture from a mold ridden apartment to our new house so we have the bare minimum of furnishings at the moment. I'm working and living out of boxes for the most part, which is by no means a complaint! 

If you aren't already aware from having visited the EVENTS page, then I'll share with you that Branch & Beak will be present with a full booth at the Franklin County Pumpkin Festival ! This will be my 3rd year at the festival and am so excited to continue to be a part of it! If you live in Western Massachusetts in the tri-county area, then it could be a really fun fall activity for you! So many vendors, music, and a beer garden, pumpkin laden sidewalks. 

That's all I've got for now, but stick around, lil buddies. B&B still goin' strong.