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The Bower Studio ▲ One of the most beautiful stores in Western Mass; bulk herbs, decor, housewares, and more. Branch & Beak can be found at this shop!

Flame & Honeycomb ▲Miel is a seasoned sister witch, multi-faceted and severely lovely. She teaches and cooks up magickal sweets!

$Money WItch$ ▲ This human! oof! Kind and powerful, shimmering top button on the blouse of life.

Michael Crigler ▲ Artist, herbalist, cosmic brother and gentle spirit

The Beast Peddler ▲ Cait: sister in many things, especially in weirdness.

Osteal Jewelry ▲ Run lovingly by a very magickal being, Amanda is authentic, kind, and compassionate through and through.

Blue Dragon Apothecary ▲ Beautiful gem of a space and incredible team of practitioners. 

Chris Marano ▲ The wild and wonderful man at the wheel of Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine, amazing teacher and spirit

Delicious Dirt Edible Gardens/Herbal Remedies ▲ Ally Sterling; sister witch, incredibly prolific gardener and maker. Powerfully talented!

Golden Goddess Honey ▲ Caring, talented, beautiful spirit, and fellow Piscean sister

Wild Femme Designs ▲ Rae is a fierce, sweet-hearted  multi-media artist and jeweler.

Hawthorn Rising Healing Arts  ▲ Eliza Daniels, a refreshing human, a light and a gentle force of love in this world of chaos. 

Nancy Haver ▲ Artist, soup maker extraordinaire, there is only one of her kind